Galaxy Note 9 Official Wallpapers: Download them here.

Note-fy your Smartphone screen appearance.

Galaxy Note 9 (Credit: MKBHD)

Launched on 9th August, there is no disagreement that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best smartphone you can get right now meaning that you will be coughing up $1000 to pick up this phone, however, if you don’t have that money right now or you are still waiting for a better device this latter this year, you can still enjoy the official wallpapers for the Galaxy Note 9( An article about this beast of a phone can be read from here).

The official wallpapers are now available for download and are quite applicable to any smartphone other than the Galaxy Note 9 which according to Samsung, will be available starting 24th August. The wallpapers are cool and elegant, and they get better with high resolution screen smartphones. One of the images is shown below. The rest of the wallpaers are in a zip file and statement just after the image.


That said, click here to download them and don’t forget to extract them.

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