GBWhatsApp v5.10 Update (With Video Calling)


It has been just a few weeks after receiving GBWhatsApp v5.00 but it looked like a few features didn’t work as expected. Features like video calling, themes, among others. This version is here to fix a few of those issues with addition of a few more features.

In this version video calling is expected to work. It has been enabled. On addition to that, more new launcher icons have been added to the list.

Ability to call by clicking on missed call bubble has been added as well including an option to clear WhatsApp cache and photos.

You now have the ability to set group name characters to up to 35 characters instead of just 25 as before among many other fixed. The photo below shows the full Changelog


Download GBWhatsApp v5.10 below. And as we wrote about GBWhatsApp, it comes in 3 iterations of the same version giving you the ability to install 3 GBWhatsApp App that will let you use up to 3 WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. They are listed below:



GBWhatsApp Plus


GBWhatsApp 3


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