How To Create ClockworkMod Recovery for Mediatek Phone


If you are not looking into flashing roms and mods on your phone, ClockworkMod isn’t for you. But if you need to tweak your phone, flash a few roms and do manual upgrades, then CMW is for you. You can’t flash any custom rom on any phone without using a custom recovery and in this case we look at the commonest custom recovery for Mediatek Phones and how to install it.

Note: You only take such extreme steps at your own risk. I can’t be held responsible if you mess up your phone when you don’t do it correctly as instructed!





  1. Open MTK Droid Tools
  2. Connect phone to PC
  3. After MTK Droid Tools has detected your phone, click on the ‘root, backup, recovery’ tab
    Note: If it doesn’t detect your phone, check if your phone drivers are installed. They should be installed. Flow my guide if you don’t have them installed.
  4. Select ‘use boot from phone’ radio button
  5. Click on ‘Recovery and Boot’
  6. In one minute or two you should receive a notification ‘To make CWM recovery automatically?’ Select Yes
  7. Select Yes to install created recovery to phone. You can root into recovery to confirm that. (Power off phone, hold the Volume Up button and hold the Power button at the same time until phone boots up. It should boot into recovery).