Huawei’s ban is a major setback for the tech industry.

Huawei Banned

The United States has killed a lot of technology advancements and breakthroughs that should have happened in the next few years as a result of Huawei’s ban from trading with any company from the United States. With a great country as United States comes great influence which is exactly what has transpired throughout the past week. Many companies especially chip manufacturers like Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm have terminated relations with the Chinese teach giant including some that may not be perceived to have their root in the United States like ARM that has been vital in the manufacture of Huawei’s in-house chip the Kirin. Essentially, with ARM, Huawei can’t manufacture the Kirin hence no processor to power any mobile Operating System they hoped to bring.

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Any tech analyst could foresee a stagnant tech industry in the next 2 years or so. Perhaps few minor and slow inventions from the likes of Samsung and Apple. It is competition that drives innovation and with one of the major player out of the picture, expect slow development. Think of 5G. Huawei was at the forefront of 5G expansion and no other major competitor could stand their way in this department. Think of foldable phones. Samsung wouldn’t have rushed it’s failed foldable phone if it wasn’t for Huawei’s recently announced Mate X foldable phone.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei’s target was to be the number one smartphone seller in the world by the end of this year now that it pushed Apple out of the second position left with Samsung on the top. It means they had many mid-range phones ready. They had many units lined up for production this year. Now they have be put on hold.

Even if the ban is lifted and Huawei gets back most of what it lost, the damage is already done. It could take them a long time to come back up past their tarnished reputation on the internet. They would have to divert most of their resources now to kill off much of the dependence on foreign companies. That means years of research to build some good alternatives. I’d expect them to go under the radar even when there is good news if the ban is lifted.