For a while now, WhatsApp has let users delete their own sent messages within a thread but this has only removed messages on their own phones. The recipient has always retained the message. In the new update WhatsApp is allowing users to permanently delete messages from both the sender and the recipient’s phone.
This option has been available in some WhatsApp mods for example GBWhatsApp that we normally give updates on here. It’s known as the recall feature on this mod.

There are scenarios in which you’d wish to permanently delete already sent for example if you accidentally sent a message to a wrong person or you simply do not want the receipient to see it. It may also help if you desire to rephrase the sent message since WhatsApp does not yet let users edit already sent messages.

This feature comes with a catch however, users can only delete their messages only after 7 minutes the message is sent. Beyond that, messages can’t be permanently deleted from both ends. Deleted messages can be text, images, gifs, audios, location files, voice notes or status updates. Upon deleting a message, the deleted content will be replaced by a note, “this message was deleted” in the conversation.
The feature is designed to works across platforms i.e Android, iOS and Windows Phone provided both users are using the latest WhatsApp update. You will not have this feature available if the person that has received the message is using an older version of WhatsApp.

You can get the latest official WhatsApp update from Play Store to have this for starters. If you desperately need this feature without limitations WhatsApp provides like 7 minutes time frame to delete messages and waiting for the recipient to update their WhatsApp, you get try GBWhatsApp instead.

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