LineageOS builds ready for Cyanogenmod users, builds coming to more than 80 devices


It’s all good news from LineageOS team. Now Cyanogenmod users can upgrade to LineageOS. A few days back, all we’ve had were unofficial builds based on source code that was being put together by the LineageOS team. But now, we see official builds up for Nexus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Nextbit devices as indicated on the Official LineageOS download page. More than 80 devices are expected to be added to the list with time. The Wiki site is also live. The team has also clarified that it will be supporting both Marshmallow and Nougat as Android versions on which LineageOS will be built.

As seen on the Install stats page, it’s clear many people are jumping onto the wagon to test out these builds. Cyanogenmod users have the ability to upgrade to LineageOS without losing their data. This is done by installing an ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ data migration build, as it’s indicated on the download page, which is meant to be a temporary build then install the official build on top of it. This is stressed to be the only way to upgrade from Cyanogenmod to LineageOS without losing data. Without installing the ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ build, upgrade won’t be successful.

User can still wipe Cyanogenmod completely and install LineageOS which is more recommended if the user has no problem installing Apps afresh. In all cases however, the user will need to set App permissions afresh.

It has also come to our attention that the official builds will not be coming with root access baked in as with previous official Cyanogenmod builds. Users will need to flash a SuperSU zip to gain root access.
The official builds will also come signed with a private key for authentication and signature permission control.

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Source: Lineage OS