n7player: Best Music Player for Android?


If you love listening to music on phone then the choice of the music player used must be an important thing. Many players will provide a nice appealing UI while others will offer great equalizers for better audio output. And yes, I know there are awesome third-party equalizer apps but having a good one inside your main players simplifies the experience.

I’ve been one major fan of PowerAMP, which is one of the best Android audio players available and still one you wouldn’t regret purchasing. It’s not just it’s simple UI and theme support but most importantly what’s under the hood, and that’s it’s powerful equalizer settings. But over years of usage, no updates have been provided. It gives the impression that it’s development is now stagnant making it easy for anyone to try something fresh for a change.

Many other players have received mentions like JetAudio, but quite frankly it’s UI looks dated in times when many developers are refreshing their apps with flat or material design UI and for the fact that it presents quite a lot of equalizer settings that would take one even more than an hour trying to configure the best sound output to match their preference. The Equalizer settings turned out unstable at least for me with constant usage last time I gave it a try this year. Perhaps it was my phone and you had a better experience. You can let us know.

Recently a member of TeamDroid WhatsApp group happened to praise n7player, many followed suit, I jumped into the same boat simply to check it out and my oh my, isn’t it one of the best I’ve used. n7player present a unique flat innovative and refined  UI without taking away the best features and equalizers that boost a rich sound. Navigating through the UI elements gives the impression of the creativity the developer had while implementing all elements precisely the best way possible. It’s equalizer settings are something you’ve got to try out yourself to believe how impressive it is. The player also has a few color theming options. You can set the main color and accent colors to your preference, edit audio details including downloading album art among many features. The player is also not limited to Android but also iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.

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For a person who has been a loyal PoweAMP user, if it’s not PowerAMP, this is what I would recommend to anyone. Try it. Let us know what you think about it in the comment below.