Energizer is a relatively new smartphone maker in the game. During the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company showcased some of what it’s offering which included three phones that served different purposes. The Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop a mid-range well built phone with a design better than many rival flagships and features the iconic pop-up camera introduced by Vivo as a work-around to eliminate the notch, the Energizer Power Max P8100S a foldable 5G phone ready to compete current offering from the likes of Samsung and Huawei and finally the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop with an outstanding 18,000mAh battery.

The Energizer Pop Max is clearly distinguishable from any other smartphone, with a thickness the size of about three phones stacked on top of each other. It weighs more than some tablets at 722 grams. It’s form factor is due to the massive battery that will either impress the user or put them off due to it’s size and weight.

Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop alongside Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

The battery is said to last about 40 hours of constant gaming, 90 hours of call time and unbelievable 50 days of stand-by time. The phone comes with a fast charger too, however it takes 9 hours to charge due to it’s massive battery.

On the design point of view, the phone minimizes all bezels to render a near all-screen 6.2 inch IPS LCD display with a 1080 by 2280 resolution.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop Display

It comes with a pop-up front-facing camera unit that house a dual lens configuration with a 16 mega-pixel shooter and a 2 mega-pixel depth sensor. On it’s side the regular power and volume buttons are located as well as it’s side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

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Energizer Power Max P18K Pop Dual Front Facing Camera

At the back it features a triple camera set-up with a 12 mega-pixel sensor, a 5 mega-pixel sensor and a 2 mega-pixel depth sensor. The whole configuration shoots video up to 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop alongside Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop

The device is powered by the Helio P70 a Mediatek Octa-core processor which renders the phone a mid-range phone as far as performance goes but overall fine for normal smartphone usage. The processor is backed by 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage with expandable storage via micro-SD card of up to 128GB. It ships with a near stock Android 9.0 Pie system expected to handle tasks better than many modified Android system skins.

Despite it’s large size, the manufactures eliminated the headphone jack in favor of wireless earphone or earphones that support USB Type-C port. The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop is expected to cost around $600 when it’s released.