Puffin Browser lets you save files directly from Web to Google Drive


Cloud storage mediums are some of the most used services on the Internet today even more so that there are many providers that give such services for free for starters. Google is one of them, that provides free 15GB cloud storage for every user account created.

To have files stored using these services the norm is to upload files from a device like phone or PC, and this basically creates an online backup so no worries about losing your important files stored locally on your device. Often times we wish to make an online backup of a file we find on the Internet and possibly save it to our storage for future use without the need of downloading it. The user would have to download it first and the upload it to their cloud. Here is where Puffin Web Browser for Android comes in handy. When you attempt to download a file using Puffin Browser, Puffin will let you choose where to save your file either to device or send it directly to your Google Drive storage.

Very convenient in that no data is used to transfer (upload) the file you wish to save to your Google Drive cloud storage. Puffin handles the transfer quick and easy. Some Android browsers have had a similar mechanism though not saving directly to Google Drive but their own user’s cloud storage for example UC Browser used to have UDisk which was later discontinued. There are other online tools that have seemed to work but do not often transfer all files you hand to them from a download link from another website. This is where Puffin Browser excels.  Having files transferred in this manner to one of the most used cloud storage services is really handy.

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Do you know of any other browser that has this kind of functionality? Let us know with a comment below.