Tecno hints on Telephoto camera lens in upcoming Phantom 8


The hype is definitely on for one of African’s top smartphone maker’s flagship phone.  Tecno recently shared a teaser picture on their social media accounts that indicates what the upcoming Phantom phone is capable of when it comes to taking photos. The pictures shows a photo taken from far while it’s quality kept intact. Well, before we dive further into this, it’s not the first time we are seeing such a thing in smartphones today.

One thing worth mentioning is that the upcoming Tecno Phantom phone is by all means coming with a dual camera setup, a trend that has been adopted by many smartphone makers, some of which are LG (G6), Huawei (Mate 10), Samsung (Note 8), Apple (iPhone 7 Plus) and heck, the previous Tecno Phantom 6 also has a dual-camera setup on the back. What’s important though is how two cameras at the back are more advantageous and different in operation than just a single one.


Manufactures often approach the usability of a dual-lens system differently. For example, LG will have it’s first lens as a normal wide angle lens and the second one a ‘Super’ wide angle lens to essentially fit more objects into a single shot when the second lens is used. Huawei on the other hand will have a normal camera lens and a second one a monochrome sensor that takes images in black and white. Having a monochrome sensor increases detail in a photo taken using the two lenses when individual content is combined to make one photo. Apple on the other hand brought what is commonly called a Telephoto lens, the first lens housing a normal camera sensor and the second one capable of taking clear photos that have the distance two times where the first lens can perfectly focus at. This same technology is what we see Tecno implementing in the upcoming Phantom 8.

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The Telephoto lens is able to shoot images that are distant while maintaining their quality. In relation to what Apple does with the iPhone 7 Plus, the telephoto lens offers double the focal length, to act like a 2x multiplier. That’s the opposite direction to other manufacturers, which is an interesting take, making far-away subjects look closer-up in the frame compared to most wide-angle camera experiences.

You might be wondering why that is necessary when you can still zoom in on an object using your own single camera. Well, that is digital zoom and if you’re keen enough to notice, you loose quality of photo when you use digital zoom. Detail is lost. The telephoto lens Tecno is bringing in the Phantom 8 aims to give you the comfort of taking distant photo easier and perfectly while maintaining their quality. This serves to prove Tecno is indeed taking a leaf from top smartphone makers which undoubtedly shows improvement in Tecno smartphones.

The Phantom 8 will be unveiled on Sunday 22nd in Dubai. Be sure to follow our social media platforms for quick updates about the event as we put together a full in-depth description about the specifications the phone will bear when it’s launched.