Have you tried Google’s Allo? This is what you need to know about it.


Allo comes after Duo. These were two Apps Google unveiled and spent time talking about at Google I/O 2016. While the rest of us already use Duo, Google’s new simple video chat app, Allo is also out for Android and iOS. So, what is Allo?

Simply put, Allo is another chat app from Google only more polished. We’ve seen others of that kind from Google like Hangouts to Messages but there is something that makes Allo stand out and I’m here to shade light on that.

Like most chat apps like WhatsApp, Allo will need your number on which your account will be tied to. Basically, you need to register with your phone number. When into the App, you’ll be greeted by what appears to be the most productive yet fun feature: Google Assistant chat bot. Well, many Android users expected this assistant as more of a standalone app or just an addition onto Google Now Assistant to go head on with the likes of Siri on the iPhone but interesting turn of events, this  assistant is baked right within Allo. Google Assistant is simply Google Now app with a human-like nature to it. Google Assistant is always available to chat like any human on the other end within the app would do yet avail you will all the info you need right there within the conversation. You couldn’t ask the assistant just about anything and it will quickly provide the most appropriate answer. It can provide information from weather, location, suggestions of places, trending topics, set reminders, anything from Google and yet be available for normal conversation in case you feel bored. It also tells jokes.


Google Assistant can also come in handy if you are chatting with someone else or with group chat. You can summon Assistant by typing @google followed by whatever you need. Assistant will quickly pop in and assist.

For the most part you’d thing Allo is more about Google Assistant but Allo’s uniqueness extents far than that.

Like most popular chat apps you can initiate conversation with another Allo user and if they aren’t a user, you can send that person an invite that is received to them in form of a text message with a link for them to download and install  the app. You can as well create groups. Other features within chat may include:

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Shout and Whisper: With this, like you’d type a message, you can hold down the send button that reveals a slider. Sliding up widens the letters to make then appear huge within a conversation which would suggest shouting or trying to draw attention and sliding down makes letters appear small thus whispering.

Smart Reply: During tying assistant will suggest a number of phrases you can use to reply basing on a particular conversation or photo shared. All you need is tap onto the phrase and it’s sent. Assistant will then study your pattern to improve on phrase suggestions.

Ink: With Allo before you send a picture you can choose to add text or doodle on it to either put more emphasis on it or simply for the fun bit of it.

Sticker: Allo comes with a few sticker packages to use. You no longer have to rely only on emojis. Some stickers are static and other are animated. You can also add more sticker if you wish. They’re available for download.   Incognito Mode: This we’ve seen in some apps out there and Allo allows you do the same. In this mode, messages are end-to-end encrypted and Google doesn’t make a backup of these messages. They are secure and within this private discreet dialog you can set a time when the messages sent will expire and after that time, they’ll never be available to anyone.

One thing to note though is that Allo is still in it’s early stages and Google promises a lot of improvement on this chat app. It’s a fan app yet productive. Be sure to give it a try.

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