There are many ways to gain access to Movies or TV Shows from the Internet. Some people just watch them on services that allow streaming online and others prefer using torrents. There are also Apps like Netflix, CW… etc from respective channels that allow watching their shows online. What we may focus on however is the most convenient way to obtain Movies and TV Shows.

ShowBox allows users to stream Movies and TV Shows (Series) on their phones and also have the ability to download them in any quality available. That should come in handy if one wishes to keep them locally on phone to watch later.

The App also provides News Updates on TV Shows including trailers in case you wish to preview a movie or show before watching or downloading it.

Note: ShowBox is not available on Play Store. All you may find on Play Store are replicas of this app that do not do what ShowBox does. Download the latest ShowBox App below. If you experience any issues with the latest version, uninstall it and install a lower version provided here. It’s should serve the same purpose.

Give it a try. Tell us your experience in the comment box below.