YouTube for Android now has Dark theme.


Many web and mobile apps have been given a dark theme, one of which is Twitter. It is a much welcomed feature and many users have gravitated to use it probably because it’s easy on the eyes. YouTube Web has had dark theme option for a long while now and personally, I’ve always had it turn on since it was added.

Many mobile users were excited to hear YouTube dark theme being tested within the app but surprisingly it the tests were being carried out on iOS YouTube app. Before we knew it, the iOS YouTube app had dark mode. It’s being available for iPhone users for a few months now and finally made it’s way to Android. Yes! We now have dark theme on YouTube app on Android. Interesting to look at. It themes every background within the app dark including settings. To enable dark theme, go to Settings >> General >> Dark theme.

Dark theme is now available in the latest YouTube app. You can make your way to Play Store to get the update. It’s available in YouTube app version 13.35.51 and above.

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