This document is to inform the our audience and members about what we advertise, how we advertise, why we advertise and how to advertise with us.

What we advertise
TeamDroid Community is a website the provides tech related content and therefore we only subscribe to accepting advertisement within the same ecosystem. Currently we only accept advertisement from local business owners from East Africa, Uganda in particular as we expand to accept other payment systems. This so because foreign international payment systems like PayPal are currently not supported locally and not used by this website owners.

How we advertise
Small snippets and ad graphics are displayed on our website sidebars visible in desktop mode. They are also put within articles usually displayed at the bottom. We can also create a specific custom spot to display an advert. We do not use popup adverts that may ruin our users’ experience. We do not expect our adverts to be hidden from the audience by any Ad blocker software.

Why we advertise
In order to keep the website running as expected with regular updates and helpful information and improve user experience through regular maintenance, we need a source of income. We generate this revenue from advertisements. However, we don’t intend to be partial in our writing to favor a specific customer who may advertise with us.

How to advertise with us
In order to have your advertisements displayed on our website, you can reach us via email at You can also reach us via our different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.