Facebook Lite Dark Mode expected to make it’s way to the original Facebook App


Facebook Lite, often intended to be used for phones with less resources, typically on low-end phones now has Dark Mode. The feature allows users to turn on this dark theme with a single switch perfectly placed in the list available when the user presses the hamburger menu within the app. The setting enables a dark gray theme through out the app — a previously highly requested feature in such social media apps to minimize eye fatigue and strain during night hours.

However, most users don’t use Facebook Lite app but understandable for the feature to have emerged first in this version considering it’s limited in features hence was possible easier and faster to implement it in Lite first.

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Dark Mode, as has been available in other Facebook Apps especially Messager and now WhatsApp is expected to make it’s way to the Facebook App in the next few months, hopefully similar to that available in Messenger.