GBInstagram v1.40 Update (Latest)


Just like WhatsApp has a modified version GBWhatsApp, Instagram also has one called GBInstagram. All these mods are from the same developer Omar. Aside from the fact that GBInstagram is an unauthorized version of Instagram that you definitely won’t find on Play Store, I can’t figure out why someone would prefer the official version to this modded version. Basically GBInstagram gives you all that the official version of Instagram gives you plus a lot more.

We all wish we could save that good looking photo or funny video on Instagram but the official version won’t let you do so. GBInstagram extends that option to you. You can basically download anything on Instagram using GBInstagram including Instagram stories. As if that’s not enough, GBInstagram brings themes to your Instagram. If you have ever wished to have a dark mode, you can have it with GBInstagram. You can also create your own theme right within the App. The options to do so are available.

GBInstagram is available in two mods GBInsta and GBInstaPlus. Essentially two GBInstagram apps that can be installed at the same time if a user wanted two GBInstagram Apps on a single phone.

Some of the common GBInstagram features are listed below;

  • You can download pictures and videos.
  • You can hide that you saw the stories. Option available in privacy settings.
  • Ability to preview images and play videos in your player without saving it to your device.
  • Possibility to share / copy links in images and videos.
  • Options to change the color of the conversation and conversation screen.
  • You can copy comments.
  • You can translate comments into your own language.
  • You can zoom in to personal photos and publication photos by holding on to them.
  • Full click support for links in comments (In-conversation)
  • Add option to play audio with video automatically
  • Ability to copy Bio (description)
  • You can find out who follows you (Enter the profile of the person you will find the word that follows you if that person follows you)
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GBInstagram v1.40 Changelog:

  • New Base Updated to
  • Added Privacy – Hide View Status (GBSettings – Privacy) (Don’t Show Your Name even If you View Someone’s Story)
  • Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation (Mod 7.2)
  • Added Add Comment from Home Screen
  • Added Possibility to Follow/Unfollow without Open Profile (Click on 3 Dots of the Post and click Follow or Unfollow)
  • Added Option to Color Add Comment in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Add Comment Background in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Post Comment Text in Home Screen (Mod
  • Fixed Profile Picture Zoom/Blur
  • Fixed Error 150 when Downloading Themes
  • Fixed White Line Showing on Comments Screen above Text Entry
  • Fixed Theme Issue when Open Post from Notifications Tab
  • Fixed Recent Stories on Home Feed Tab
  • Many More Fixes