GBWhatsApp v7.00 Latest Update with Anti-Ban


GBWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp App provided by Omar. It is the most used modified WhatsApp App among many others that crop up every now and then. GBWhatsApp offers users the ability to use more than one WhatsApp accounts on a single device. In fact a user can have up to four WhatsApp accounts on a single device. GBWhatsApp comes in three mods; GBWhastApp, GBWhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp, call them three GBWhatsApp Apps, each mod exactly similar to the other but can be installed as independent Apps on a phones. Basically, what you get here are three modified WhatsApp Apps installed on a single device ready for each to take on any WhatsApp account. With the three mods installed, the user is still able to install the original official WhatsApp App making a total of four WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. It all depends on how many accounts the user likes.

As if what GBWhatsApp offers isn’t enough, it comes with way many useful features especially on the customization bit of it. For starters, GBWhatsApp allows themes, meaning one can use the built-in theme editor elements to theme it in any way the user desires. Any color can do. It also has a built-in themes manager for already built themes that can be applied on the go. Themes can also be created within the same App and shared.
GBWhatsApp also comes with a lot more unique features like displaying other users profile pictures within a conversation or group discussion, message translation features and ability to send files bigger in size than what the official WhatsApp offers. The ability to make a full app backup and change icon design and color. These among many others.

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WhatsApp recently released a ban notice for users that use unofficial modified versions of WhatsApp, of which a few users have claimed to have received temporary ban as caution to stop using apps like GBWhatsApp. The latest version of GBWhatsApp address this exact issue with Anti-Ban feature. The latest version available now is GBWhatsApp v7.00 and below is the Changelog for this version.

GBWhatsApp v7.00 Changelog:

– Anti-Ban (If you got banned before please take Backup – Uninstall App / Install GBWhatsApp v7.00 again)
– Extend expiry for this Base
– Fixed Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
– Fixed Payments Color in Attach Menu
– Fixed Crash when open chat in some devices
– Other Fixes