“Hongmeng” is Huawei’s reported new Operating System to rival Google’s Android


Following Huawei’s ban by the United States government from using Google’s Android, Huawei is yet to reveal it’s new operating system it reported a few months ago to have developed behind closed doors since 2012. Huawei has been working on this operating system in preparation for scenarios like these when United States government would revoke it’s access to Google’s Android.

The news about this new operating system comes from a credible source that told Huawei Central about that name of the operation system. However, Huawei hasn’t confirmed the name of its new system which may lead us to believe it could as well be a codename rather than the name the operating system will publicly be know as.

Existing Huawei phones will have their currently running system, EMUI has as the last version without any further EMUI updates as its based on Google’s Android but will possibly receive an update of this new operating system that Huawei prepares to ship with future Huawei phones.

If you’re a Huawei user, be advised if you apply any software updates you may receive in the following days, you will lose access to Google Services, meaning you won’t be able to use Play Store and all Google Apps like YouTube, Chrome Browser, GMail App, Keep among other apps made by Google.