How To Make a Full System Backup of a Mediatek Phone


Mediatek phones are those Smartphones that use chipsets made by Mediatek. They are mostly manufactured in China. This will include Chinese clones.
In this guide, I will quickly show you how you can make a full ROM/System Backup of a Mediatek Phone. This will mostly likely benefit those who want to use mods and flash custom ROMs on their Mediatek (MTK) phones, never the less, it’s a wise thing to backup your System just in case the phone malfunctions, you can easily flash/restore it. Mediatek phones may include phones from known brands like LG, Alcatel, Micromax, Lenovo, Intel, ZTE, Intex, Huawei, a few HTC and Sony phones and most importantly clones of known brands.

In this guide we shall use MTK Droid Tools to make a full System Backup.
An MTK Droid Tools backup is backup of a full system an MTK phone which backup can be used to restore an MTK phone in case anything goes wrong for example after applying a certain mod or after an attempt to flash a recovery or rom on an MTK phone. The same backup can also be used to create a custom recovery for an MTK phone.

– USB Drivers
MTK Droid Tools



1. Install USB Drivers of your phone (Follow my guide on how to do so)
2. Extract the MTK Droid Tools and run the program
3. Enable USB Debugging in your phone

In Android 2.3
Go to: Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it)
In Android 4.0
Go to: Settings>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it)

In Android 4.2.2
Go to: Settings>>Development>>USB Debugging (Enable it). In official firmware, the Development option is usually hidden in 4.2.2. So you have to go to Settings>>About Device>>Build Number. Tap repeatedly on Build Number until you see a pop-up notification, “You’re now a developer”. Go back to settings and find Developer option. Enable USB Debugging

4. Connect your phone to PC. MTK Droid Tools should be able to detect your phone and details. Note that your phone has to be rooted for all this to be successful. If its not rooted, MTK Droid Tools will show a yellow led with information just below it. Click “ROOT” to root your phone. If your phone is rooted a green led will show. Proceed to the next step. If root fails, you’ll have to root your phone using other means. You can also follow my guide on how to do so before you proceed.

5. Go to the ‘root, backup, recovery’ tab

6. Check the ‘Backup userdata and cache’ box and click ‘Backup

7. Now your full current ROM will be backed up, this part may require some patience as it can take a while depending on how big your phone system is.

8. You’ll get a pop-up asking if you want ‘Packing Backup?’ Select ‘Yes’ so that the files can be put into an archive. You can select ‘No’ if you wish to zip it up manually later.

9. Once the ROM backup is complete then click on ‘To Prepare Blocks For FlashTool’

10. Next you have to select the md5 sum file, to do this just browse the backups folder and there’ll be a folder entitled with the name of your phone. Open this folder

11. Inside this folder is a file named ‘files.md5′, click on it

12. After selecting files.md5 you’ve completed the creation of Blocks for Flash tool, and you’ve backed up your ROM/System ready to be flashed to your phone using SP FlashTool whenever you wish to restore your phone.
The files that you’ll need to flash to phone are saved within the ‘backups’ folder within your MTK Droid Tools backup files (!Files_to_FlashTool are what you actually need to restore your phone)
Proceed to my other quick guide on how to restore/unbrick your Mediatek phone.