As we near the end of the year, expectation of what the phones to be released earlier next year rise more so for the case of Samsung’s next flagship phone. The Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled earlier next year and there is no perfect time to have leaks floating around than now.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to be the next big leap in design when it comes to Samsung phones. In fact, in a private conference a few months ago, Samsung showcased the displays it’s working on for it’s upcoming phones. These displays were named Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O and New Infinity as seen in the picture below that was taken during the conference.

From the above image renders were built by a number of people to fully illustrate what the new phones that would use the above displays would look like. The one that caught my eye was the one below by the known concept designer VenyaGeskin1.Infinity Display LeakOne of them looks familiar though. It’s the Infinity-U. We saw this one in the Essential Phone which we consider to be the first phone that was released with a notch. However many believe Samsung may not go in the same route. Many leaks have suggested the upcoming Galaxy S10 will feature the Infinity-O display which is essentially a camera cut-out within the upper part of the display.

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The latest leak that we are covering here come from OnLeaks with Mobile99 and reveals a slightly longer hole in the display. These renders are believed to have been constructed from leaked CAD design images from Samsung rather than a finished product. Sometimes a few of these designs tend to be changed as the product goes into production but it’s likely that the changes might be minimal, if not none. OnLeaks has a good track record of leaking upcoming phones and if any leaks are to be shared on this site, best believe we are getting them from a reputable leaker.

The cut-out within the screen is rumored to have two front-facing cameras which may explain why it slightly long in design. We also see a tad bit more bezel than previously expected which may come off underwhelming to some as many of us expected a fully bezel-less phone.

The back of the phone in the leaked images also shows a triple ray camera layout placed horizontal in nature and no visible fingerprint scanner. This let’s us believe the Galaxy S10 will most likely feature an in-display fingerprint sensor like a few phones like the OnePlus 6T have done.

These are early leaks and we hope to follow the entire journey that lead to the launch of Samsung’s next big phone the Galaxy S10. It is expected to be launched earlier in January next year along with the Galaxy S10 Plus and another major phone later on code named Beyond.