OnePlus back with the OnePlus 6. More high-end performance for less.


The OnePlus 6 is already out. One of the things we’re seeing a lot these days is the notch. No doubt this will be the trend in 2018 even more so justified by the fact that Google added notch support in the latest Android P which is currently a Beta. The new OnePlus 6 is one of the Android phones with the smallest notch and small bezel at the bottom. Looks like no Android manufacturer is getting rid of that bottom bezel even after getting the notch inspiration from Apple’s iPhone X who cleverly hide the bezels around the phone.

The OnePlus 6 has a huge display. A 6.3 2280 by 1080 inch screen. They’re sticking with AMOLED which is a better choice than IPS if sharpness and more saturated colors are  preferred.

OnePlus 6 Display

It has two camera sensors at the back of the same exact aperture but different resolution. The top one is a 16 megapixel sensor with f/1.7 aperture with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The bottom one is a 20 megapixel sensor with, again, f/1.7 aperture. No OIS is mentioned for the second camera so the guess would be it doesn’t have it. The second sensor is probably for detail and sharpness in photos taken. Below the sensor is the fingerprint scanner, smaller than usual and the OnePlus branding right below it.

OnePlus 6 Back
OnePlus 6 Back

Internally, the OnePlus 6 packs some impressive specifications. Top of the line. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor backed by 6 or 8GB of RAM depending on the model you get, and Adreno 630 GPU. A gamer would be impressed. It has a 3330mAh expected to last a full day on a single charge especially with the battery improvements that come with Android Oreo. The phone runs OnePlus’ own skin OxygenOS on top of Android 8.1 Oreo.

OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS

It is barely a skin by the looks of it. Oxygen OS has always been a near-stock experience. Advantage to it is quick Android updates faster than most Android phones from different manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Huawei… etc. Like previous Android phones released with the notch, OnePlus also adds a software feature to hide the notch if a user wants to.

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OnePlus 6 Hidden Notch
OnePlus 6 Hidden Notch

The OnePlus 6 however doesn’t come with wireless charging despite having a glass back. We suspect costs implementation of wireless charging would have resulted in higher costs of production which has never been OnePlus’ goal to sell their phones at a price that matches the latest flagships. OnePlus has always made it’s name off of delivering a powerful phone that rivals major flagship devices for less price than expected. At least they tossed in dash charging, which from many experiments has proven to charge their phones quickly compared to other quick charging mechanisms by other smartphone manufacturers.

The phone retains the headphone jack, something that’s dying off pretty quickly today and comes with bluetooth 5.0. It comes with 3 colors; Midnight Black, Mirror Black and Silk White.

OnePlus 6 Color Options
OnePlus 6 Color Options


Any previous OnePlus user would appreciate what OnePlus is doing here. They’re sticking to their strategy to deliver a powerful phone for less than expected. The minor things it misses can be overlooked. The design and entire form factor is something that definitely beats many phones that have been released that may look like it including LG’s G7. It goes for under USD 600. It sure is one of those flagship devices worth considering.