The Oppo Find X brings near bezel-less with motorized pop-up camera system


Oppo’s new Find X brings innovation that we hadn’t yet seen. Interesting to see Chinese manufacturers pushing boundaries with smartphone design. Before the Oppo Find X, Vivo unveiled a phone a little similar. They all strive to achieve a more bezel-less display without having the notch other manufacturers have been adopting. The Vivo NEX had the biggest screen-to-body ratio in a smartphone at 92.25% until the Oppo Find X arrived. The Find X now has the largest screen-to-body ratio at 93.8%. This is the closest we have to a bezel-less phone. It has a very thin thin at the bottom that is barely noticeable. That thin bezel at the bottom houses the display components.

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The screen is a large 6.42 inch AMOLED display. It is a curved display from Samsung and the curves on the Oppo Find X give a resembleness of what we see in Samsung flagship phones.

Oppo Find X Display
Oppo Find X Display (Credit: MKBHD)
Oppo Find X Back
Oppo Find X Back (Credit: MKBHD)

To achieve such a design, the front facing camera and sensors have to be placed somewhere. Vivo implemented a pop-up front facing camera. It was innovative but more like a hack to have the front facing camera placed somewhere. Oppo thought through the whole implementation cleverly. The entire top of the phone is motorized.

The front facing camera — a 25 megapixel f/2.0 camera, 3D facial recognition scanner and rare 16 megapixel and 20 megapixel f/2.0 cameras and flash are placed on this motorized part that pops from within the phone itself.

Oppo Find X Rare Cameras
Oppo Find X Rare Cameras (Credit: MKBHD)

When none of these components are being used, they remain hidden inside the phone. The pop-up speed is fast at 0.5 seconds. Facial recognition is so fast it’s a tad faster than the iPhone X recognition. An Infrared camera is used for 3D facial recognition and so it’s expected to be accurate and not easily fooled by photos. No fingerprint scanner was put on this phone. Oppo claims it’s 3D facial recognition has a fail rate of one to a million which beats that of any fingerprint scanner which is at one to a hundred thousand.

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The Oppo Find X not only has an impressive design but the internal specifications are also high-end. it’s no doubt a flagship device. It is powered the Snapdragon 845 chip with Adreno 630 GPU, 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. It has no SD Card slot and such a design does away with water proofing. Despite the glass back, it has no wireless charging but comes with fast charging with Oppo’s VOOC technology.

The Find X comes in a blue and purple version and is only available for purchase in China.