Apple makes some of the best hardware for it’s iPhones. The only criticism users have had against Apple is the lack of customization their operating system iOS bears that prohibits users from tinkering with their phones as they see fit. Of course there is a group of people who simply want a phone that works and Apple has succeeded at fulfilling their desires. But there is the other group who wish the iPhone had as much customization as Android offers.

For years developers have tried to bring Android to the iPhone’s impressive hardware but failed. A few resorted to building cases that have their own CPUs on which Android is installed so they could offer an Android alternative that runs alongside iOS on the iPhone when these cases are used. Their momentum failed to achieve the desired hype.

Project Sandcastle an effort by a group of developers at Corellium. They are known to have successfully booted Android on the original iPhone more than 10 years ago and once again have finally been successful at booting Android 10 on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPod Touch. Checkra1n jailbreak is used by the project to boot a working version of Android 10 on these three devices. It’s worth noting however that the process is mainly for testing purposes since many of the vital features one would need from a phone don’t work. Bluetooth, Audio, Cellular connectivity, and Camera do not work. Moreover, the Android 10 build used in this process doesn’t support Google Mobile Services. The Android build also doesn’t install permanently on the iPhone meaning data is lost once the phone reboots.

It’s highly recommended this process be done on a device a user is not worried about losing in case of any fault during the attempt to run Android, as with any jailbreak process. Good news though is you can switch back to iOS and have your phone fully functional after trying out Android 10 on the iPhone.

If you wish to give this process a try, head over to the official website where all the directions are provided in full detail. You may also need a Mac or a computer running Linux.