Quick look at the new BlackBerry ‘Mercury’


It has not been an easy road for BlackBerry but it’s good to see the company going. In the fast few weeks there has been rumor of an upcoming BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard and yes, it’s here. This is however a demo version that has been showcased at CES 2017. The device is still new and has no official name yet. For now, we know it as the BlackBerry Mercury.

Like the previous two BlackBerry phones, the DTEK50 and DTEK60 running Android, this is also build by TCL Communication a company BlackBerry is partnering with to produce the latest BlackBerry phones. Unlike the previous models, this doesn’t pick it’s design from previous phones built by TCL like the Alcatel Idol 3 but clearly bring BlackBerry’s own look and feel. That includes a physical keyboard one of BlackBerry’s signature features. Key travel as in many reviews looks impressive.

Apart from the keyboard being used as a trackpad like in the BlackBerry Passport and Priv, a fingerprint scanner is now built within the keyboard spacebar, a unique move.



As earlier mentioned, this BlackBerry running Android, an earlier build that looks to be a test build with a few noticeable bugs. But as usual BlackBerry values security so DTEK security features come built within the software itself.

The new phone is being showcased now but we wait to see the retail version released later in the following weeks.

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