Simplenote quickly takes your notes, you will never lose them and you’ll find them anywhere


There are a number applications one would wish to install their phones first before checking out any other and this is one of them I would recommend to be one of them to install first. Often times we find ourselves in a scenario where we need to take a few quick notes or copy and paste something somewhere for future reference, something we won’t be able to lose and Simplenote comes in handy here.   Simplenote is a quick note taking app, and yes there are many quick note taking apps out there from Google’s Keep to Evernote to Microsoft’s OneNote among others but what may set Simplenote apart? Well, from simplicity and being a light-weight app Simplenote comes free unlike some note taking apps that may be a little sized with bulky features. Simplenote comes with a very simple user interface with both light and dark themes depending on the user’s preference.

Just like other advanced note taking apps Simplenote comes with auto-sync feature that lets users notes accessible on any device within the same account created. This is by far one of the apps with a quick sync feature. You never have to worry about losing your notes once they’ve been taken and most importantly you can access the same notes using any devices connected like a computer or tablet. And because it’s synchronized data, whatever changes made on notes on any devices, the same will be reflected across all devices that has the app installed within the same account.

Users can also secure the app thereby securing their notes by adding a password. Once the app is opened, the user is then prompted to enter a password to gain access to notes. Another feature the app provides is to allow users generate a link to a particular note to quickly share their it to the public as read-only text which comes in handy if there is some quick information in text form you wish to share publicly with a group of people. Simplenote is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and can also be accessed within any web browser.   What notes app are you using and what do you think about Simplenote?