ToolBox was originally introduced by Samsung in the Galaxy S5 then with the rest of other Samsung phones that’s followed. After trying a Samsung stock system, I grew to find this tool quite handy when switching between apps, something we often do.  First, I was a bit skeptical about having a floating icon on screen that could block content but with time realized it’s better having it on than not.

ToolBox enables a user easily switch from one app to another without having to move back to app drawer to open the app the usual way. Basically, favorite commonly used apps are selected to be added to ToolBox and by tapping the floating icon while on any screen in any app, a list of the selected Apps is displayed. Tapping on any opens that app.

After having it baked within Samsung Touchwiz system, Android users saw it useful if it was also available for other phones apart from Samsung. So, a universal version of this was built. Well, there are many other versions built that work like it but Floating ToolBox-Floating App is the closest to the original, I could find and recommend.

ToolBox also fades seconds when not being used to prevent any distraction. Remains on screen but toned down. And unlike the original one from Samsung, this one has far many features.
It comes with icon pack support, abilities to add as many apps on the tray as you want -no limit, different animations, ability to change icon or color, lock icon position, stick icons to screen edge among many things.

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Whenever I get a new phone or install new system, this is one of the first apps I install. Hopefully, you’ll like it too when you give it a try.