This Is Where You Can Watch Google’s Oct. 4 #madebygoogle Event


We have waited quite a while for this event and today is the day. There has been a lot of hype along with numerous leaks of the what to expect from this event the most important of which are the new phones from Google, this time ‘#madebygoogle’ as the hashtag has been making rounds. The new phones are to be called Pixel, in two variants, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. These apparently are said to mark the end of the Nexus line of phones by Google.

It’s not just phones we expect Google to launch. We do expect Google to talk about:
Google Home: A device built to be put in homes that lets you have control of whatever you need by merely speaking to it. We’ve heard such before from the likes of Amozon with the Amazon Echo. Google is jumping in to bring some competition.
More Android Nougut: Android 7.0 has been around for quite a while. Nexus phones received it via OTA Update and the LG V20 was the first phone to ship with it out of the box but it’s reported Google is shipping it’s latest Pixel phones with Android 7.1 Nougat an update to 7.0 that brings along bug fixes and a new launcher called the Pixel launcher with a new design and round icons.
Andromeda: It’s has been mostly rumor but yes, we do expect Google to unveil a new Operating System codename Andromeda which is reported to be a combination of Chrome OS and Android OS. Essentially, it’s meant to bring the best of the two systems in one specifically for laptops and tablets.
Chromecast Ultra: Chromecast is expected to receive an update and Chromecast Ultra is reported to support 4K and HDR content.
Google WiFi: This will come in form of a new router from Google. Instead of being a hub just for networking and IoT, the rumored Google WiFi will compete with the Eero home networking mesh system.
Those and perhaps more we expect from the event.
The event will stream live on Google’s YouTube channel HERE in about 5 hours from now. There is a clock count down widget on this blog for this specific event. Be sure to catch it.