Latest WhatsApp Update brings Dark Mode


As many apps embrace Dark Mode, WhatApp seems to have joined the party. This feature has been requested by many WhatApp users for years now after having witnessed a few users use dark themes in WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Plus or the current commonly used FMWhatApp that offers a wide range of themes to choose from.

Another group of users have achieved a dark themed WhatApp through theming apps like Substratum for phones that support it.

WhatsApp has teased of a Dark Theme in one of their recent YouTube videos that clearly suggests it’s ready for users to enjoy.

The dark theme so happens to be more of a dark blue theme with white text and teal accent colors rather than the AMOLED black or Dark Grey as available in other apps. Dark Mode aims to minimizes eye fatigue and strain during night times.

This feature is available in the recent update for Android and iPhone and users shall be able to enable it via Settings >> Chat >> Theme.