Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha’s display wraps the phone from front to back


Just when you thought smartphone design was getting boring, another manufacturer tries something new. In the wake of foldable display phones, Xiaomi showed off it’s foldable phone in a leaked video that folded unlike any foldable phone we had seen. As this was on the list of anticipated devices, the Chinese tech giant teased and shortly after gave it’s audience something new and refreshing to talk about. It’s the brand new Mi Mix Alpha.

The Mix line of phones from Xiaomi has always been more of the bleeding edge tech prototype line of phones even though the last released of this line from the original Mi Mix to the Mi Mix 3s were sold worldwide. The attempt on this line of phones was and is to offer more display-to-body ratio with the latest and highest specifications. The new Mi Mix Alpha takes design to a whole new level and undoubtedly has it’s own unique form factor.

The main attraction on the Mi Mix Alpha is the display. The phone features a 7.92 inch Flexible Super AMOLED display with an insane 180.8% screen-to-body ratio. The display wraps the phone from front to back with little room for the camera modules cleverly places along a thin metal stripe at the back of the phone where the display meets. The entire display is usable with added software tweaks that even take advantage of the edges of the phone.

Judging by the design, the phone is a premium high-end phone and the internals further accentuates the worth of the device. It’s powered by the latest Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ with 12GB of RAM and on-board 512GB fast UFS3.0 storage. It has three camera modules one a 108 mega-pixel f/1.7 wide sensor, a 12 mega-pixel f/2.0 telephoto lens and a 20 mega-pixel f/2.2 ultrawide lens. The three can be used to take selfies as well with the back of the phone display acting as view finder.

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It also powered by Xiaomi’s own MIUI 11 on top of Android 10. It has a built-in under-display fingerprint sensor. It comes with a 4050 mAh battery with support for 40 Watt fast battery charging. No wireless charging for water resistance was mentioned.

Despite being a unique device, the Mi Mix Alpha a very premium phone with obvious a high cost of product and therefore comes as limited edition for a few fans and shall only be sold in China for approximately USD 2800.